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Plumbing & Drain

Service, Repair & Installation

- Commercial and Residential -


Regular Business Hours 8-5 M-F

Plumbing Services
$155 hr per man + parts for troubleshooting & diagnostics 1-hr min.
Flat rate up-front pricing provided on all plumbing repairs, replacements and services

Drain Cleaning Services
Rates are 1st hr only w/standard access through a readily accessible cleanout

Drain Cabling:
$189 Main Line 3 & 4" - up to 100-ft
$189 Laundry, Floor Drain,  Kitchen Sink, Secondary Lines 2" up to 75-ft,
Lavatory Sink, bath tub up to 25-ft,  
Toilet Auger up to 6-ft

Hydro Jetting:
The "Master Blaster" US Jetter 4000-psi Hydro Jetting
Includes Sewer Camera Video Inspection - 15 minute price increments after 1st hr
$545 per-hr - includes 2-men if needed
3" to 6" diameter lines up to 400-ft
1-1/4" to 2" diameter lines up to 75-ft

The "Mini Blaster"
$265​ Mini Jetter 2300-psi, per hr
1-1/4" to 2' diameter lines up to 100-ft

Camera & Locating Services:
*Camera & Locating charges waived upon scheduling repairs at time of camera service.
$150 Sewer Camera Video Inspection ONLY
$245 Sewer Camera Video Inspection AND Locating
$245 Locating Water Main Line & Gas Line

$225 RootX  Treats 100 ft Main-Line
12 Month Guarantee no roots By RootX.
Must be applied within 1 hr after cabling OR 8 weeks after cabling, cannot use water for 6-8 hours after applying.

$45 GreaseX Bottle    Bio Enzyme Monthly Treatment - Customer Applied

*Remove & Reset Toilet $125

Specialty Services

Water Filters, Water Softeners, & Purification Systems: On-site Estimate

Excavation of  Sewer & Water Lines: On-site Estimate

Complete Re-Piping Of:
Grey Quest Polybutylene Water Lines, Sewer Pipes, Drain Pipes & Waste lines. On-site Estimate.
Gas Line Leak Detection & Repairs:
Smoke Testing: $275 hr includes 1-man & smoke candles + $145 hr per additional man

Backflow Certification Only: $195 

Remodel of Basement, Kitchen & Bathroom Plumbing:
AFTER we receive your city stamped blueprints we will provide an on-site estimate. (We can refer you a General Building Contractor to create Blueprints) 

Restoration Services: Flood, Water, Mold, Fire & Smoke Damage


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- Every call includes -

Water pressure test, visual plumbing inspection &

free estimate on any needed repairs

Flat Rate Pricing & Bid Jobs Are Provided In Person By Appointment Only